MONDAY, FEB 11TH 2013:

This project is so new, I'm still waiting for the multi-tracker to be shipped right now, and I have zero songs composed. All I have are vague, proto-song ideas floating around in my head.

The bits of arwork you're seeing right now are just place holders. It's just what I had handy. No, the album title probably will not be, "Neu... Weh!" Nor will the cover feature the surprised blonde girl you see now... probably. But then again... who knows, at this point?

Right now, all, No Songs Yet, links will call up, Volcano Song into this frame. That's also just a place holder. It will certainly not make the cut of the final album... probably.

At any rate, after my BR8 died, back in the spring of 2007, I figured I was done with being a musician. I happily embraced my work-a-day life, thinking I'd never ever record again. In fact, on more than one occasion I considered pulling the plug on Mistook.Net just to save the ten bucks a month it costs to keep the lights on around here. But after six years of being normal, I find myself once again with the itch to crank out some new music.

Dunno how long this is gonna take, either. So, pay attention to the blog I've embedded on the main page, which will log my project's progress. And ya might wanna check back to this scroller on occasion too... just in case I put in a new little easter egg, like the Volcano Song.

Okay. 'Nuff said.

Happy Valentine's Day.



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