Wig City comprises the best 11 tracks from what I'd call my "post-analog" period. Every component of my studio was new... down to the microphones... and I wrote several new songs in this period. Production-wise, I was on a learning curve, struggling to master the possibilities of the BOSS-BR8, even as I learned to program my first drum machine, and toyed with a late-model midi keyboard.

Front Cover

Me reclining into the crook of an abandoned warehouse window, in downtown Aurora. In the summer, this whole alleyway, and many like it, get overgrown with Ivy.

Back Cover

66 E. Benton Street, is the closed down storefront of "Wig City." I guess it was a wig shop. I just remember that as a kid, when that store was still open, the whole downtown was still a pretty jumpin' place to be. So in my mind, that cooler version of Aurora, I refer to as being, Wig City.

To the left is the old Leland Hotel... tallest building in Aurora. It's now an apartment building. I lived there for about a year. In the foreground... a planter with spring flowers. This pic was taken on a rainy day in early April.

To the right, memorabilia from past relationships, including notebook drawings and handwriting.

Special Thanks