The Keys

Track 03 - 3:35

6.6 MEG

how can I repair 
this despairing heart
and learn not to hurt
the ones who are
dear to me?
how can I begin to tame
the raging flames
gone wild on the plains
of an empty sea?
when how I talk
is how I think
and how I sing is
how I talk in tones

choice divisions of voice
shall I just ignore
what can't
be explained?
shall I be ashamed
if I beleive
in my destiny?
tell me why
the green eyed monster
refuses to use the gifts
that the good Lord
gave to him
how I feel is how I look
and how I play is
how I feel in chords
round connections of sound
every day is
another chance
to change your mind
and follow the
guidance of your heart
I'll beleive in you
for the rest of my life
and if we never meet
then I'll die knowing why
cuz who I love
is who I seek
and how I dream is
who I love in visions
bright collisions of light
I'm sleeping with the keys
to someone's
heart, mind, and body
holding them so close
that they leave prints
on my soul