Track 01 - 3:41

5.0 MEG

meet me at the 
creepy little
riverside dive 
Red vinyl booth
speckle table
ten after five
Coffee laugh cig
an ashtray dish dine
Well will you listen
to the juke, I mean
it still plays vinyl
Just like our
old red booth!
(the fuckin' downfall of 
society was made final by 
the wholesale abandonment
of vvv-vinyl!)
Trace your finger 'round the
pattern of elyptical glitter
it's an atomic fossil from
before this town went
down the shitter
Focus on the grain of the 
panel over the door. 
An ugly demon staring at us  
I can barely ignore him
Because he's just 
so damn aloof!

He's only there to scare 
the people who don't 
understand the truth.
This dusty old city
(and it's time that
we jaunt it) 
embodies building
after building that's
undoubtedly haunted.
Down the lonely avenues
and through the alleys, 
undaunted, we saunter 
gawking at the oddities, 
ironically vaunted
Hey wait!  
Get off that ladder
up to the roof...
Not very fair to dare 
me to stand with you 
on this ledge
five stories down, 
a homeless bum 
sleeping behind a hedge
Dizzy and weak I hear the
reaper calling.  Now I know
your fear of falling
(I wouldn't be standing
here, dammit!.. if you
weren't the most beautiful
soul on the planet!)
Around a corner
down a block, and
over a bridge, I've got
a hundred ninety seven
cans of beer in a fridge
Hellevator up into the
seventeenth floor
I can feel your trepidation
as I open the door.
But this night has
only just begun!
Candle fire campers on the
living room rug.  All the
fun of roughing it with 
only half of the bugs
Sketch pad pages full of
careless cartooning
Yes, I know just what yer 
thinking cuz I read yer 
thought balooning
This guy is too much fun!
Blasting every song you'll
ever dig or ever dug
sunlight, final candle, 
can of beer, cig, resin nug
Final tune
It's ten past noon
The moon's asleep
and you'll be soon
Your shoes are by
the closet door
You take the bed
I'll take the floor

sweet dreams,