Snow Song

Track 08 - 3:18

6.03 MEG

Lovers and poets
and sad souls
really know how
to enjoy
a rainly day.
Political minds 
and flag flyers
can't be happy
'till they feel
the wind on it's way.
And the barefoot,
volleyball tanners,
and the
parade planners,
love the sun.
But what do 
these people know?

Could they possibly undergo the cold, white snow?
When all of the
trees are two-tone,
and the ground shines,
and the water
falls so... slow...
I'm hidden away
in the deep freeze.
In the silence
of dark hours,
I search the soul.
If it were up to me
I'd watch the grass grow
all year long.
But there's got to
be a reason...

(for this season)...
It can't be summer
all the time.
With all it's
gentle breezes,
starry nights, 
and swimmers, Jesus!
It can't be summer
all the time.
When there's another
side to beautiful,
but it's, oh so cold!

There's another side to beautiful...
When crystals 
of glass lace
are falling, en masse,
they don't
break against the ground.

Instead they take away the sound.
and every single one is beautiful...
and so unique.