Track 09 - 4:20

6.1 MEG

You name the day
and I'll make coffee
you bring the chocolate
and cigars
I'll go and rent
your favorite movie
I'll serenade you
on guitar
like an old Manhattan smoothie

Out on my balcony with candles
above the treetops and the cars
headlights like pearls
red lights like rubies
and other peoples windows
shine like stars
it's not the night
for being moody
not with an old Manhattan smoothie

Uncork the wine
I'll light your smoke
no, it's not practical
but your foolish heart
will soon forgive
my being tactical
then like the devil
I'll make moves to
steal your love
and then you'll finally
just hand it over
to the old Manhattan smoothie
with my smile so white and toothy

No, it's no silly myth
that true love's kiss
is inimitable
one fine night,
to find this on your lips
is inevitable
you don't stand anything to lose
so you might as well
just go ahead
and have sex

(You're not supposed to sing that!)

It all leads to sex

(He's not supposed to sing that!)

Is should be pretty good sex
with me