Since You Left

Track 04 - 3:22

4.7 MEG

I miss my pretty baby
more than I can ever say
I love her so much
but she's very far away
I cry into my coffee
then I sigh into my beer
then I fall asleep to dream
that I've got my baby near

absence is supposed to
make the heart grow fonder
but there's only so much fondness
I can take! I'm waitin' for the 'rival of
a plane out yonder
come to bring my woman home
(damn baby,
been a long damn time)

shit yeah
it's gonna be a fuckin' long while
till I see that little devil
with her wicked little smile
teasing on my prick
that little stick of dynamite
if I could get her in the mood
no, she didn't even fight

ever since you left
i've had a crappy time
ever since you left
I've had a shitty life

(sung simultaneous with chorus)
shit yeah!
I wanna break down and cry
holy crap!
I wanna fuckin' die

for so long my baby's livin'
several billion miles away
with a bunch of horny bastards
wanna get her in the hay

she be smokin' an'a drinkin'
till she's out of her mind
yeah them dirty motherfuckers'
gonna have a good time

[guitar solo followed by obligatory scream]

I put forty long months
into winning her heart
and I was practically there
until they pulled my shit apart

on the evening that she left
she had the fucking gall to say
'baby when I'm gone
I hope you get a booty call'