My Spy Baby

Track 10 - 4:34

6.3 MEG

I was sittin' around in my room
I was busy getting stoned
I was feeling like a ghoul in a tomb
I would sing it with a haunted moan

she was lurking around in the gloom
like a creature from the twilight zone
she was focusing in with her zoom
she was tweaking up the tone

in a superheroine costume
she was listening in on the phone
I could smell her sweet perfume
coming from the great unknown

my baby is a private detective, oh yeah
she knows jujitsu
and she'll gladly kick your ass
though it may seem so, I am not alone
and with her parabolic microphone

she can hear me sing
my song of love
all night long

she tries not to cry
watching me die
all night long

in the beginning
when she first came to town
she thought I was just
another loser with a bass guitar

hiding away like a hermit
in a crappy shack
some kind of bum
some kind of some
some shitty hack

slowly but surely came the morning
she got out of bed
I wrote the music
to the song in her head

don't cry
don't frown
don't be shy
don't drown

hiding away in my basement she said
baby that's the way it goes
hiding away from the world
in my room up above I played.