Track 05 - 4:00

5.6 MEG

Does anybody see that I've gone missing?
does anybody care that I've gone missing?
I've gone missing and I don't know
how to get home

Memories are leaves on the trees
Yesterday is flowers in the fields
Washed away is color from my vision

Lost - the life of everything real.

Foreign are the words you used to sing
In retreat like birds on the wing
the days behind us, left no goodbye-note

It's dark, and I don't know how to get home.

...and now only a cold wind fills
the empty space around me
and it's a hollow, hollow hole, in my soul
equinox has passed
and we are heading for a solstice
Hollow, hollow hole, in my soul

I'm afraid you're never coming back
I'm afraid you're never comming back
to me.