Track 08 - 4:27

6.2 MEG

I found a message in a bottle
(from) some girl who calls herself Estelle
reason and rhyme mixed in a mottle
conjured and cast more like a spell

a thoroughly tangled tale
about a mand she'd only known
through clairvoyant episodes
in moments when she was alone

22 years had been too long a wait
now she was taking the reigns of her fate

I gathered she was some kind of princess
living on some enchanted isle
any poor slob to dared to impress her
would surely find himself on trial

warnings and directives
and provokative appeals
disembled into riddles
so poetically surreal

designed so the truth
only one mind could see
by the look of things
I could swear
that man was me

I sincerely hope you know what love is

I'm sending mine back to you now
in answer to this note

but, just to be novel
not a bottle
but a globe

Here comes my love
a new planet found
well, it may wobble
but it don't fall down