Right Where
You Left Me

Track 01 - 4:05

7.5 MEG

If you don't know
nuthin' about me
then you don't know
nothin' at all!
it does no good
asking about me
when you dont' know less
than anybody else!
so ask yourself
"did I understand him?"
and ask yourself
"did I even try?"
well, I'm still here
right where you left me
and I'll be here
'till you make up your mind
need I draw you 
a picture?
would that help you 
much more?
when you've already 
chosen not to know?
so you play dumb
for the whole fucking planet
and they all think
that you're so confused
but I know you're not so
and I know you
know I know it too
does it ever get tiresome?
always being afraid?
in the end you just
drive yourself insane
... [interlude] ...
so tell your friends
that I'm just a bastard
but tell yourself
that I'm just a fake
cuz I'm still here
right where you left me
and you know damn well
you're comeing back for me

Some Day!