Track 08 - 4:20

6.0 MEG

She's a delicate flower
growing lonesome, in a
field of stones.  A more
unfathomable seed
was never sewn.
How does a vision of such
endless fascination
arise to grace this otherwise
lifeless location?
One solitary mourning dove
lost in the budding limbs
above, soulfully voicing
questions of a missing love.
And I feel her hopeful
notes go falling 
to the pain.
And I want to cry,
cuz she is calling
to the rain.

(Ah, Jessica...

 Oh, Jessica...)

You are that single 
morning star so many
gaze on from afar.
Pretending to ignore,
they secretly adore you.
And those who
call you nasty names
are jealous of you.
So lost inside their
petty games, they
cannot love you.

(Ah, Jessica...

 Oh, Jessica...)

But you're a diamond
you're a pearl. You are
a whole entire world,
teeming with life and love
and stars and songs
and secrets...
...you're a girl.
(Jessica, girl)
A lovely girl!

(Jessica, girl)
You're just a girl.

(Jessica, girl)
A lovely girl!


And one night
you'll see your light
reflecting into bliss.
And one dawn
the sun will rise to
greet you with a kiss.

(Ah, Jessica...)

Jess, you're a diamond.
You're a pearl. You are
a whole entire world,
teeming with life and love
& stars & songs & secrets.
You're a girl.
A girl of dreams
a girl of passions
with hot & cold 
A lovely girl.
A girl with brains.
So level headed,
but sometimes
you're insane.
Cuz you're a girl...
Who likes to laugh.
Who tends to cry.
Don't need
a reason why.
Cuz you're a girl...
A girl of dreams.
A girl of passions.
And chocolate ice creams.