In A Dream

Track 11 - 5:02

6.9 MEG

The tan slopes & the twilight
the shade wide lakes
awaken thought lost flowers
at peculiar hours

drops of silky hightlight
soak sharp stones
beneath a river bronze & black
held back

brief tonal brushstrokes
sung swift keys
recovering long caught choires
from forbidden mires

across a crooked divide
echoes carry over the sides
just so, and likewise...

a headlong plunge
off a thousand foot, sheer drop
a ten million teardrop
into the thrall...

well, don't we all
wish we could...

dive with grace
swim with style
cruise at a steady pace
float downstream and smile

like it ought to be
like it only was
in a dream
in a dream
in a dream

Sky is red
blood is blue
pleas don't tell me
you don't know what
love entails

Sun is silver 
moon is gold
shall I be growing old
not knowing
love's sweet details?

The way the good lord
designed things
you're the only one
of your kind
and you're the only
person on my mind

to this day, my love.