Here Comes
My Love

Track 11 - 4:16

6.0 MEG

here comes my love
in dark sunglasses
she's right at home
in the lower classes

and she's moving in upstairs
from my best friend

but will she
reaveal her true identity
in the end?

I had only finally just begun
to deal with this as a delusion
now in an untimely dive
arrives a real live lucy in disguise

Somebody tell me
this is just an illusion!

Here comes my love
[then who's that guy she's with?]
well that guy's her brother
[oh, then who are they?]
her entourage and body guards
[oh, whatever!]
of course, they may claim otherwise
[Pat! You've gone insane!]

she really needs to see
she needn't be so damn uneasy
with the people in my sleepy
river city who are barely aware
and who could scarcely care

No, I can't be mistaken
oh, I know her story is fake
and meanwhile my heart is breaking
oh why did i choose this
path less taken?

My sweet trust it must
become disgust at last
with all the feckless masking
I divined and pined
to find a kind mind
but I was blind

several weeks go by

before it's time to flaunt her secret fame
she wants to play a trivia game
holding her card she's taking aim
she wants to hear me say her name
I shit you not!

I'll tell you what
let's play;
"I never heard of that girl"
you can't catch the drift
to drop the act
in fact, you've been
a first class jackass!

living right up stairs from my best friend

Here comes my love
and there she goes!

Jumping on the first plane
outa town
She flew back to
her kingdom and her crown

Force her to play
by her own rules
and you commit a sin

Because she
can dish it out
but cannot take it in!

No, I can't blow her cover...