Cry Baby

Track 07 - 4:05

9.7 MEG

BRI: Hey what's the matter, Pat?

PAT: Oh, it's my girlfriend

RINGO: Well, what's the nature of the problem?

BRI: Yeah, what's the scoop?

She's broken out in tears and sorrow
symptoms of an allergy to joy
a paralyzing fear of tomorrow
means she doesn't give a damn
about the dreams
of her lover boy

Each kiss is laced with poison
every word, with deep regret
I poured my soul into her
did about as much good
as wine in the sewer

(Oh well, oh well, 
she's got to feel something good)

No!  Good is worse than bad to her.

(Oh yeah,
she's got to see
some kind of light)

No! Light is dimmer than dark, to her
and happiness is so sad to her.

If she's got it
she doesn't want it
she doesn't need it
she doesn't care
oh, but if it's out of her reach
the opposite becomes true
her mind is nothing
but a convoluted
catch twenty-two

(well, maybe she could
change for the better)

and maybe penguins can fly

(Or, is it that
you just don't get her?)

Or, is it that she's
just a big cry baby?
well anyway, she's not my baby

(everything will be alright)

No! She's given up on me
so screw her
I'm wishing that I never
knew her.
It doesn't matter
what I do,
to her.