Track 10 - 2:53

4.0 MEG

I'm all alone here
in the Paris of the drug world
I'm all by myself
in the London of the unknowns

New York City has no pity
on this Mecca
ofthe brilliant failures

Why do they call this
The city of light?
why do they call this
the city of light?

When we've the finest collection
of pain and rejection
the very best
of the forgotten daydreams

Cheif Waubonsee
forgot to mention
on his way out of town
that we were living
in a mastodon graveyard

One hundred thousand
lonely people
all together
going nowhere

It's a dreary place
in the shadow of Chicago
a sorry space
on the face of the world

Beautiful buildings
are falling to ruin
tree-lined streets where bullets fly
everybody's too afraid
to walk outside

even in the sunshine!

Aurora, nobody loves you
except for me

Aurora, nobody loves you
except for me

where the lights
refuse to shine.