Around The Block

Track 02 - 4:52

6.8 MEG

I've been around the block
many times before
I've met every person
behind every door
some of them are now sleeping
and some of them are a bore
there's not many to walk
around this block with
I need somebody to rock
around the clock with

and every time I take this trip
always something different
though some things never change

but the nature of the experience
depends on who I'm walking with
it can be new and strange
when we don't agree
about everything we see

No it isn't the eye to eye
that gives the world a spin
though surely the tooth and nail
must fail!

The meaning of an association
comes from the negotiation
there never will be a soul
who has a twin

I want a woman who can paint a picture
with a vivid twist and who's
not afraid to tell the truth
about the way she feels

what's the point of it all, Chagall?
whadd'ya know, VanGogh?
what's the word on the street, Magrite?
say again, Cezanne?

baby can you show me how you feel?
baby can you show me how you feel?
baby can you show me how you feel?

I agree that the cheek to cheeck
makes dancing much more fun
but it's nothing without
the heart to heart