This is something of a "concept album." The two that precede it, "Coffeehouse Boyfriend" and "Wig City," are simple compilations of recordings over a given period. With Lost Cause I set out to create an album deliberately... with an over-arching theme and sound to bind everything together.

Front Cover

Pictured is a sculpture called "Memory" by Emory P. Seidel (also known for creating the sculpture of Albert Einstein at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC). It is one of four identical at each corner of the John Pershing Memorial Bridge on New York Street, in my home town of Aurora, IL. The bridge is a memorial to World War One veterans.

Back Cover

The underlying image is of a painting called "Sad Caberet" by W. Zegoni, a Czech artist from Prague. The upper left inset is a drawing of a caribou attributed to an anonymous U.S. first grader in "Mrs. Wallaces class". The upper right inset is a detail from a painting called "Le Clown & Musicien" by french painter, Bernard Buffet. The poem "Lost Cause" is by Robert Frost.

Special Thanks