This is a short, sweet album, with very spare productions. No keyboards at all, and guitars on only a few tracks. This is bare-bones... and for the most part, naked sentiment... no profound posturing, or deep symbolism. Intrigue? Yeah... in a few songs... but by and large, this albi is just for fun.


I suppose this is a self portrait. I've become my own machine... or at least I felt like one while pumping out these ten songs. Every track on this alb was recorded the same week (if not day!) it was written. Only a few have been tampered with after their initial mix-down.


Once upon a time, before the MP3 player, an alb's worth of music was served up on a plate of vinyl or plastic. Albums were tangible things, and you had to take care of them. I really wanted to capture my impressions of the old, petroleum-based pop, on this albi.

Special Thanks